The History of G Lighting

Gross Gas and Electric Fixture Company was founded in 1908 by Edward Linton Gross in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1914 we continued operations as Gross Chandelier Company. During World War II, Gross Chandelier aided the war effort by manufacturing aircraft parts for the military. After the war, Gross resumed normal operations. The company has moved several times throughout it’s history, always keeping the manufacturing
plant in the St. Louis area.

Our mission is to provide quality architectural lighting products and personal service to our clients through project completion. We design and manufacture fine lighting made in America. In addition to our catalog fixtures, we offer modifications and unique custom capabilities, including traditional and restoration solutions for any scale project. For over a century, we have built on our rich traditions, experience, and craftsmanship. Today we are incorporating the latest advances in LED technology, and energy efficient lamping into our designs. We are excited and proud to be lighting the way, merging technology with art and design!

Meet the Team

  • Nick Gross
    Principal, Sales Manager
  • Cheryl Gross
  • Michael Gross
    Principal, Operations Officer
  • Kara Gross
    Inside Sales Manager
  • Jenny Cole
    Purchasing Manager
  • Amanda Menke
    Inside Sales, Marketing
  • Dan Dickinson
    Production Manager
  • Michael Radmer
    Quotes Support, Technical Support
  • Joyce Bange
    Administrative Assistant
  • Travis Lintner
    Drafting Manager
  • Jeremy Mattingly
  • Brent Paiva
    Research & Development
  • Tony Hanudel
    Northeast Regional Manager
  • Eric Reiser
    Western Regional Sales Manager
  • Jerry Fosnow
    Southeast Regional Sales Manager
  • Tom Thomsen
    North Central Regional Sales Manager
  • Tracy Fosnow
    Southeast Customer Support