EOS 2635

The EOS is a tapered all acrylic pendant with a closed bottom. All mechanical hardware and LED components are integral and not visible. The result is a beautiful contemporary pendant that has as much performance as it does look.


LED: Utilizes the latest technology to provide even illumination and performance.
Delivered Lumens: The Eos pendant delivers 7050 lumens.
Efficiency: The Eos pendant delivers 96 lumens per watt.
LED Drivers: All LED drivers are integral to the fixture.
Acrylic: Seamless, one piece acrylic with no visible hardware.
LED Dimming: Comes standard 0-10 volt
Contractor Friendly: The fixture is designed to be hung by the contractor with minimal effort.
Made in the USA: All of our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our factory in St. Louis, Missouri.